Friday, November 17, 2006


Empy vessels make the most noise...THATS ME!

Irritation 1: Yesterday it took me nearly 20mins to open the 'creat new post' window. When I finished typing and clicked on 'Publish Post', it didn't get saved!

QOUTE: Cannot find server... FISH!!! Damn fish'd!!!

Irritation 2: I really am not suppose to be here right now at this moment, but I really can't study anymore! Examz starts monday, my head is blank, a white piece of paper, scrunged.

This is by far the worst exam ANYONE in the world can sit for!!! WHY? Coz there so much irrelevancies in it! Stuff you REALLY do not need to know!!! ARGHHHHHHHH

1) James Morrison- One Last Chance
2) Justin Timberlake- Losing My Way
3) Beyonce & JayZ- Upgrade U

NOTE: all 3 songs are yet to be released, and possibly will never be realease. Btw, think James Morrison's songs rawk! yea yea rather slowish, but hey, me likes!

Another song got me on the hook is J Timberlake's "My Love"...if u listen carefully in the chorus, at the background, not really loud, there's a lil evil laugh, kinda like the likes! hahahaha...

oh gawd, gtg...examz so friggin sucks la!!!!!!!!!!


shanshan said...

i typed out a blog entry yesterday.. dah siap everything.. was just about to post it.. n PAPP!! my damn laptop restarted!


angry giler..

sharman said...

i feel your pain!!!


4 blardy weeks after 4 blardy weeks...



AdrenaLynn said...

In the wise words of an IT Tech personnel,
"always save your work occasionally & Backup you data, you never know when shit's gonna happen!!"


sharman said...

always forget that proverb...DAMN!