Saturday, September 18, 2010

So Fazed

as i thought about blogging this down two nights ago, i completely forgot about the wedding i was to attend yesterday. gave me extra gist to getting it posted.

i like weddings which i care about. i hate attending ones where i've no idea who the bride or groom are, but attend it anyways because of obligatory reasons. because, evil as it seems, when people you don't know show public affection, it's annoying. at the back of my mind, i just want to get it over and done with and head back home. you're delaying me, mr & mrs bridegroom.

i like weddings because it's a heart-felt celebration of two people. two people you know and care about, and want the best only for them because they deserve it.

the atmosphere. the people. oh the people, if you had family like mine, you'd understand.

the whole situation of getting everybody together and making a simple affair grand-er than usual, is hard to describe. like an endorphin release. you feel it, and you enjoy the feeling. the couples will go all out to make it perfect, and as memorable as possible. attendants, just sit back and enjoy the flight. the silly moments or unexpected events, make part of the memory too. like the champagne bottle not popping, outfits gone wrong, etc. not because it's a dent in the planning, but because of the couple's frantic reaction. can get over dramatic at times.

as awkward as it sounds, but i do like weddings. because above all, it's about family. it's about friends so close, they're family too. you don't see unconditional love in our day to day busy lives, so it's nice to be reminded it still exist. something that should be appreciated more.

i feel it's quite a bummer when you see people rushing to the altar just because. like it's a race of some sort. or something they just need to cross off on the how-to-live list written by someone nobody knows from yesteryears, and not on their bucket list.

i was disillusioned by that, i must admit. we can't force things, just because we feel we need to and only realize the gravity of it once it's too late. i feared i was being eluded of the right to being celebrated about. but i've learnt, being the bestman should account for something?

always the bestman, never the groom, perhaps?

i can get used to that.


savante said...

I love weddings :) Always wanted to plan one of my own.

sharman said...

don't forget to invite me! an email will do ;)