Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signboards With No Direction

i could not see anything. this room was so dark, chilly and endless. i could not find the doors, or maybe i just didn't want to. i can't remember when you crept in. your arrival, silent and unannounced, but i felt the temperature change. i can't remember when you crept in. i wasn't ready to move, but it felt good to have company. i wasn't sure who, what or where you were. or even if you were truly there. maybe you were just something out of my own creation. it was too dark to tell. i could not see you, but i felt you. but i felt you? like the heat of an expired breath in a desert. subtle. i felt myself relaxed. i felt alive. someone knew me better than me. discreet and comforting. you knew me, so much more, and you never said a word. i can't remember when you crept in, but i felt you. was i too silly? was i too naive? or maybe i just wanted you there. you came, you lingered, you thought it'd be okay to be silent. you left an undeniable imprint, intentional or not, i don't know. back then, i did not mind. but what if i know now, what you wished for to be a secret? now i was becoming claustrophobic. the walls closing in, yet i can't feel them. the ground slipping. palms sweaty. heart pounding. breaths short. why did you do this to me.


vinitha said...

are u in love or something else worse?haha

vinitha said...

what airport is that btw?

sharman said...

nothing serious like that. fictional stuff :) been awhile since i wrote something absolutely nonsensical :P

this was in myanmar. first time there!