Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nod Your Head Nick

i realized how easily it is for some people to mistake me for being drunk on the phone.

me: hello. where are you?

cousin: just finish work, on the way back.

me: ooo ok. i miss you laaa...

cousin: oi. you drunk is it?!

i wasn't drunk. it was just to annoy her into thinking i was drunk, while she was busy with work, and others were not. slightly evil.


the family and i headed down to 1Utama because there was a nickelodeon event going on last week. holiday treat for the nephews. it was kinda disappointing, over-hyped, and a cheap advertisement for the company. but i guess kids are easily pleased (somewhat), and they enjoyed themselves with the limited activities.

anyways, the host was kinda weird. it was this lady in her late twenties. she was sitting on the stage, kids sat on the floor in front of her, and she tried to entertain them. at her wits end, she asked the kids to guess her age. kids ranging from 3-6 years old. one of the kids thought she was 12. kids do not know how to judge wrinkles, my dear.

i think the host was sticking to her job because it paid well. she finally decides to introduce herself, and says she's from johor bahru. again, kids don't know geography. then she asks, if anyone's from there.

was she expecting anybody to acknowledge her? of course she was. LIKE ME! i raised my hand. and we ended up having a "conversation". she on the stage, speaking through the mic, me about 30 feet away speaking and hoping she reads lip.

she: you also from JB?

me: yes.

she: have you seen me before?

me: yess i have. (with utmost semangat)

she: where?

me: errrr. city square!

she: where have you seen me before? (guess she didn't get it)


she: oooo. during one of the shows?

i nod my head vigorously.

she: oh okay. later i give you present okay?

i smiled back politely and gave her a thumb up.

i'll tell you something. i have never seen her before in my life, but city square is the only place where events like this would take place. i was *fingers crossed* hoping my blind shots would hit the target. apparently it did. because at the end of the day, i got two limited pink dora the explorer lanyards.

as much as i wanted to keep it for myself and wear on board to work, i felt gracious to my nephews and let them have it instead. see, it "pays" to be from JB, and told you she's just in it for the money. for a temporary period, i was the "kid" she was paid to entertain. why do we have to grow up again?


Flyfreak said...

first:i can't believe you didn't ajak me! i want to meet auntie.was nigel there?

second: lady D would be sooo dissapointed if she knows you hit on 'Ms.everybody should know me coz im a bloody host'.

p/s:btw,is she anywhere near hot?

sharman said...

1st: hahaha wanted to, but that was the day you were flying. didn't want to disturb

2nd: yes yes, after the story i just told you, she would be. she gonna spank me! hide the cane! lol

p/s: she was ok la. nothing like hot mamma!

AdrenaLynn said...

Ehhh got pink lanyard never give meee..... I dun like Dora..but It's it's ...pinkkkkkk

sharman said...

huh?! since when u like PINK?! hahaha go steal from the nephews :P i also tak dapat lerrr...

The Writers said...

kids do not know how to judge wrinkles, my dear.

jahatnya! :P banyak sangat ke wrinkles perempuan tu? hahaha.

aww cute Dora The Explorer ;D you're the biggest fan, i know, hahaha.

- Q

hummingbird said...

eh please la. why you go gate crash a kid's event? Now there will be one sad child who missed out on the limited, special edition pink dora the explorer lanyards. You should be ashamed of yourself! Go sit in the corner and think of what you did!

sharman said...

Q: hahaha occasionally evil :) and yes i'm the biggest fan. literally :D

hummingbird: i didn't gate crash, i brought the kids there. AND i did not keep the lanyards to myself, i gave them to the nephews. i know la you jealous, tak dapat pergi, AND tak dapat limited dora the explorer pink lanyard, but c'mon. don't be sad, i'm sure they have many more road shows you can get it from! i know how you dig her lil monkey friend boots :P

and i'll only go sit in the corner if you accompany me. boring la alone XP