Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chinese Tea Furrow

dinner at the frequented chinese restaurant, the lady boss zapped me with a reply i wasn't expecting.

me: teh cina panas, satu.

lady boss: cina teh panas, you kata teh cina panas. aiyooo...

was i really wrong? almost tempted to go on a Hukum DM spree, but decided not to because clearly i'm not some DBP member. and of course because the boss always like to talk crap to entertain us. you know, coffeeshop talk. randoms.


talked to NigelBiscuitBoy on the phone few minutes ago, and it went like this.

NBB: now i'm four years old!

me: wowww. four years old?! now you're such a big boy!

NBB: noooooo. i'm still small. i am only FOUR years old.

the only kid i know who doesn't want to grow up. why didn't i have his mindset back then.

-there are some people i get so close to strangling them-


hummingbird said...

me (in canto) : aunty, one fried noodle.
lady: Aiyo amoi! Cakap melayu la. You punya cina manyak tak boleh pakai O!

So, yeah, these things happen. Even to us chinese ppl.;D

sharman said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA what a slap in yr face huh? canto not yr first language i presume?

btw, im half chinese, so don't care. the half chinese part wanna feel offended :P

The Writers said...

happy birthday NBB!
you are a big boy now.


- Q

AdrenaLynn said...

Hey..i dun wanna grow up too lehhh..I'n not that small..just 21..hehe

sharman said...

Q: ahahaha. noooo he's a small boy :)

adrenalynn: yep yep. 21.

21 forever ;)