Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quite Abruptly

NigelBiscuitBoy seems to have developed the art of storytelling very articulately. for his age, not yours. earlier, i was speaking to IvanTheTerrible, but NBB being himself, snatched the phone from him.

a few rustled moments later, he started rattling away. he's no oxford or cambridge, so occasionally he'd get stumped for words, and i can always picture him rolling his eyes upwards, breathing heavily, thinking hard for the right words at this point. like he usually does.

NBB: mummy take the video of me dancing on the stage and...

(this was about his nursery's concert)

NBB: and martini put the brown on the table and she....

(firstly, i have no idea what the hell this story was about. secondly, yes someone named their daughter "martini". was martini-the-drink the cause of martini-the-daughter? or the other way round?)

NBB: papa's car so big. and the tyre so big lidat lidat LIDATTT.

(i couldn't stop laughing here)

NBB: uncle sharman laughing.

(i laughed even more)

NBB: uncle sharman laughing some moreee.

(at the background i could hear ITT grumbling)

NBB: nooooo. but i want to talkkkk.

(he tends to stretch his words sometimes. very distinct, hard to explain)

NBB: grandma play the kumputen (computer=laptop). she play beejwleeeed, play fish, play farmmmm.

me: grandma never let you play?

NBB: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. grandma play all dayyyyyy!

quite abruptly he ended our conversation and passed the phone to his brother. willingly. i don't think opening a facebook account for someone who is barely 4years old is a good idea.

then what will I post about?!


-enjoy the weekend-


TKDaddict said...

yes grandma plays alll day...until ivan n nigel both went uncle dinesh i know u from farmville...why ur farm got zero points?? apparently trying to explain to them that im not actually playing didnt work :)

the writers said...

this is so cute :D my friend actually created a fb account for her 5 yrs old bro and he played farmville like a pro, better than most of us anyway. ahah xD

- Q

Dilah said...

goodness what's all this Farmville racket abt?! My students are bugging me for my FB account so that we could play that game!

sharman said...

atta: HAHAHAHAHA OH YAAA!!! that was damn wth for me also k... i didnt expect them to recognize u from that tiny pic lol...

hahaha u should have just said, "i dont know how to play that's why zero"

oh wait, then they'll lecture u on how to play lol

Q: omg she did what? kids, they're crazy! funny how the brains work so advanced these days...

fad: hahahaha nak aku ajak tak? send you invite then we can play together2? LOL!!!