Sunday, November 08, 2009

Magenta Ain't Pretty

i started officially in the giant red & white metal tube on the 6th!

unexpected and pretty much unprepared. i went into my typical frenzy panic mood, but luckily the captain was extremely nice. he didn't rush me, knowing i was already rushed, and not to forget nervous too. i had no idea what to expect. of course the occasionally mind freeze had to happen. not with the flying, but knowledge.

it's been a never-ending learning process, and sometimes you take all the tiny finer points for granted. so when you're asked to recall, you get stumped for words.

almost like having a key, with a million doors in front of you to figure which it belongs to. in my head i'm shouting, "I KNOW THIS", yet i couldn't phrase it out in words because it all seemed to fuzzy. yes, study. i know. there's only so much i can store at my fingertips. my mind don't work the same like an external hard disk ready for plug and play, though i wish it did.

captain was incredible. he discussed, even asked for opinions. it is people like him who make flying so freaking awesome beyond words could describe. at one point he turned and said, "RELAX... am i that scary?", we both laughed because it was me scaring myself out, instead of him.

many will say you can't know everything, i don't find any consolation in that. we all know our limitations and capacities, it's just a little disappointing at this stage. i'm the type of guy who's always trying to note down as much as i can, and most times i get amazed with the intricate details i jot down too late. sadly, i don't read those notes because there's already a million other stuff to do. things we have learnt, we hope remember. guiltily, i don't revise cause i feel its exciting to learn something of the unknown. okay, nevermind...

i'm still relishing the moment. this is where i want to be. gotta get through some turbulent times first :)

for someone who never traveled much, here's to bintulu, k. kinabalu, and medan! the sky's blue-er from flight levels :D


she: *sounded like* salmon, are you mixed?

me: salmon? it's shar-man laaa... yes i'm mixed.

capt: is he mixed? of course! norwegian and german salmon mix!



la.leche said...

I didn't know Salmon can also be considered a name to some. Interesting!

Irrelevancy becomes me said...

Congrats on Flying Officially ol' man :)

TKDaddict said...

ROFL...salmon mixed...hahaha...
so when we gonna go drink to celebrate ur maiden flight?

sharman said...

la leche: i'm not sure about that, but i know it can be an annoying nickname.

irrelevancy: thx nad. long way to go!

tkd: maiden flight pun mau belanja??? hahaha wait la letme finish my line training first, now too stressed! and not much free time either...

la.leche said...

Sorry to hear that. Especially if they pronounce "Salmon" with a distinctive "l" when there shouldn't be any :)

sharman said...

hahahaha i get used to it, so its ok... gurau only anyways :)

but yea, they do pronounce the L just to annoy me hahahaa