Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm Gonna Cuff You Up

the other day after flying we headed down to the airport to have dinner at kfc. this kid stopped me and asked,

"are you a policeman?", wide-eyed.

i laughed, "no of course not. i fly those planes (points outside)."

"why? you want me to be policeman and take you to jail?", i joked. but he willingly obliged. so gullibe. or maybe he wanted to runaway?

white uniform, black pants, and pale shoes, the kid thought i was a policeman. misconceptions of the innocent. seriously, policeman??? never in my wildest dreams...


Flyfreak said...

i pernah kene sekali!

y. 源 said...

People mistaken me as security guard with the epaulette..and taxi driver without it!

maizanmustaffa said...

cant imagine u and fazri jadi police.
ppl tak takut pun kot.

Dilah said...

constable sharman...Hhhm...boleh tahan jugak eh? XD

sharman said...

flyfreak: small kid also???

sy: hahaha i heard mfa eppaulette is/used to be red.. even more like securiy guard hahaha... but taxi driver very true... we're drivers anyways wat! :P

maizan: lahhh.. policeman nowadays pun org tak takut wat compared to those mat rempits... butBUTbut at least u wont mind this policeman come knockin on yr door right??? BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

dilah: hahaha constable?? nahhhh no ring to it laa... no "ommphhh"! lol XP

maizanmustaffa said...

true. i wish u can just kill all those stupid rempit ppl. omgodd.
very annoying.

yeahhh.. i wouldnt mind this policeman to come knocking on my door. :)

sharman said...

uh huh tell me abt it... bloody pests, good for nothing...

lol kembang la aku!!!!

miss, you're under arrest. i need to bring you back to my station for a very serious offence.

for being too nice.

maizanmustaffa said...

dont explode sharman.!
jgn kembang sgt. ahahaha. :P
im under arrest.? wtf.
noooo waaaayyy.. ive never been to police station b4. and i want it to stay tht way thank u.

lol. for being to nice.?
im not nice.

sharman said...

cannot!! ur comments are terlalu baik.. hard not to kembang!

well, maybe u'll like this station... we'll have poles, ppl in uniform, whips, background music... alamak benda lain pulak

serious, u not nice? impossible to believe. seriously now. i dont believe that.