Sunday, April 26, 2009

For One Night Only

just now, the local guys called me to watch football enthusiastically. i was busy waiting for my burger so i politely declined. then i saw more and more people going into the cafe to watch football. i wondered, "what big game was this?"

Man Utd vs Arsenal? Chelsea vs Liverpool? FA cup? international friendly?

boyyy was i wrong. well, technically it was FA cup final. but kelantan vs selangor. my jaw nearly hit the ground. this was all the hype about? i am one who does not watch msian football. i don't think i've even watched a full malaysian game. and i used to think nobody did as well. so much for patriotism.

now this annoying KRU song is playing in my head, "fanatik, fanatik, fanaaatikkk"... coz only kelantans are so supportive and die hard fans for their state team. kelantan fans actually make an effort to go and watch them live. usually, stadiums are dead empty. this week, bus tickets to kl were sold out, and those wanna buy standby tickets have to pay rm20 extra. all because the game is in kl.

few weeks back, fans burnt a van outside the stadium after they lost a match. and here i thought this only happens in europe. tanah air dah cukup drama tapi tak pernah perasan, nak pandang jauh apasal?

ok i take some of it back. i do watch malaysian football a bit. just to see the red company's advertisements all around the stadium :P

i just watched the hugh jackman and beyonce's opening of the 2009 Oscars on youtube. damn it was good! the songs were awesome. hugh jackman can sing. especially caught my attention when they broke into the grease number. coz i've seen grease quite a few times :P
hugh jackman singing "for one night only" was quite odd though. c'mon wolverine doing disco? but mamma mia with the stepping was cool. ok nothing creative, but musicals are just feel-good to watch, don't you agree?
then beyonce started etta james's, she turned around and gave the look of innocence and alluring smile...
"At last, my love has come along...", she sang to me.
then i sang to her, "i've got chills, they're multiplying. and i'm losing control. i better shape up. coz you need a man. and in my heart is set on you!".


F said...

Where is the P/S : thingy?

sharman said...

hell no... that link dah sembelit... tak guna nak advertise :P

raphael2834 said...

Sharman tak patriotik lansung..

TKDaddict said...

did u watch his opening parody of all the nominated movies..that was funny...

sharman said...

raph: like duhhhhh :P as if u were hahahah

tkd: havent! gonna youtube it now!!

Dilah said...

i love grease! danced to that when i was in secondary sch and we won first! heheheh...

sharman said...

wow would like to see that!