Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am So Uncivilized

venue: somewhere in kl

time: approximately around tea time

we headed down to a mamak for quick bite. i was dying for food. food that actually resembled and tasted like food, even though over-priced. food that didn't taste too sweet or filled with soy sauce. i needed to taste food that though mixed with unhealthy stuff, was not kb "food".

friend: bang, roti telur bawang ada?

i was trying to figure out, since when mamak shop will masak telur with bawang then stuff between two slices of gardenia bread. is this new hype? the new indomee double???

-.-'' then only realized, "roti" as in roti canai. i. am. so. uncivilized.


was in the car just now, and they played chris brown's "with you". i remember going back one holiday and IvanTheTerrible started singing it in the car. i was amazed. this kid didn't even talk much at times. and here he was singing to chris brown. the boy's got rnb! missing him and the other one and everyone else back home... just a lil while longer...

I bet his heart's all over the world tonight,
With the love of his life who feel,
What i feel when i'm,
With you, with you, with you...

-chris brown "with you"-


TKDaddict said...

seriously! roti telur bawang and u thought was a cheese sandwich??? what kinda food u getting in kb till u forgotten mamak food d? i studied in india also never forgot all this awesome food ;)

sharman said...

tkd: hahahaha yes yessss seriously i did think lidat... too much nasi goreng kampung/ikan masin, mee goreng.... dah lah their roti telur is different name... forgot the good stuff...

Burner said...

Eh ... i present u wit tabasco will u think its coke!!??