Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lotsa Solo GH

it's been an unexpected week. last week was absolutely horrible. even to tag it horrible, was an understatement. but let's not talk about the past so much. fast forward to this week, and it was sure a whole lot brighter for me.

i managed to get back the hold on doing the exercises after the short hiatus of 1168's action in the air. it was nerve wrecking at first, but all i needed to do, was to get my nerves controlled. i get anxious and nervous easily. and too much of being anxious and nervous makes me do big blunders. big kahuna, big shit.

so after doing some solo exercises, i managed to get myself intact. doing exercises with instructors later on became easier. don't get me wrong, i still do get frighten by certain someone's presence. it's impossible to imagine them not being there.
"you need to be more confident".

someone told me this, and i get his point. its just that, this whole thing still overwhelms me sometimes. i love it, but it is a lil foreign. like the fun fair you'd go when you were a kid, wanting to ride every ride that existed. wanting to run every corner in every direction.
yet, scared of losing sight of your parents. i just don't want to be over-confident and lose all that i've gained. that'd be ultimately scary.

view of kb airfield from 1000feet.

"AsianExpress ready for push-back!"

stall exercises have been good so far. steep turns to the left is pretty stable. but whenever i do the turn to the right, somehow i (always) magically end up about 100 feet higher midway through the turn. fyi, steep turn is a turn at 45degress angle of bank. slight G can be felt if not done properly. so it should be done as smoothly as possible for comfort.


a smoker was heard saying this with the windows up and a lit ciggie in his mouth:

"i don't know about you, but i need to wind down the windows coz i'm getting choked by the smoke".

welcome to the everyday of my life, i'd say!


Kristie said...

got a tag for u :)

Kristie said...

practice makes perfect dear :)

sharman said...

haha ok... will do it when redi :)

true true. it just gets frustrating at times that even with practice, it takes awhile to get something... u know what i mean?