Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First KT Solo

i flew to kuala terengganu yesterday. solo. it was awesome!

though there was a lil incident. i forgot to latch my door properly. the piper warrior aircraft i fly, has two latches. one top and one bottom. unluckily, the top part of the door was open, a gap bout 3cm wide. i didn't realize till i was near kt. luckily i latched the bottom one properly cause that's the more stronger one.

the aerodynamics weren't affected that much coz the aircraft was flying at its normal speed at the normal power setting. hence i didn't realize it. except that it was unsually cold.

that's why i had to land in kt to latch my door *malu* but hey the aircraft manual says the aircraft has been designed to land even with the door unlatched. i'm so grateful i read the manual thoroughly.

on another note, the direction indicator (DI) which runs on gyro, kept swirling around. i had to fly by compass. i'll go into that another day. i'll take a pic so its easier to understand why its annoying to fly by compass.

on ANOTHER different note, as i was heading from tok bali to penarek, there was a sukhoi 30 heading from penarek to tok bali. i was cruising at 3000feet, while the sukhoi at 2000 feet. i eagerly kept a lookout, but sadly could not see it in the air.

i only heard it pass by. damn anti-climax i tell you. i thought i could see it zoom pass below me. at the end, only hear it -.-''

this is what it looks like:

the infamous SU30 MKM. pic taken from:

today flew another navigation solo and then general handling solo. my turns and stall recoveries damn fail man. so sad. so long never do already.

btw, the sukhoi's callsign was Bisa23. there's just something about the number 23. its not a coincidence! its a good number!



Kristie said...

hahhaah dont worry... practise makes perfect!

good luck on more solo flights!

y. 源 said...

I heard callsign Taufan Ganas during LIMA and Taring in kt..haha..

sharman said...

kristie: thx... many more to come... we learn from experience! :)

y: wth?! taufan ganas??? havent heard of that... but i know taring is the hornet la

TKDaddict said...

waaah...sounds dammm fun n interesting wei ur classes :)
and taufan ganas sounds funny :)

y. 源 said... and only time during LIMA I heard that Taufan Ganas..lolz..that kinda callsign really funny..only msia has that!

sharman said...

tkd: hahaha yea it has its highs and lows, ie the mad one with mad instructors is BAD... solos are absolute fun tho!

y: hahaha taufan ganas is just weird la lol... dunno how they decided on that... iceman or maverick in usa, taufan ganas and kala jengking in msia.... very creative??? hehehe