Sunday, January 25, 2009

6 Points Of A Star

it was a sad xmas, think its gonna be a sadder cny. i decided to stay in kb with some hope and aspiration to do something worthwhile, though that hope and aspiration is diminishing fast. things are just not going my way.

on a brighter note on living in kb, i can be totally oblivious to everything around me. seriously. being here, if there were no outside communications, which usually is the case, i can go on like as if its a normal day, not knowing (let's say) its cny tomorrow. i see the same 200+ faces with the same hopelessness hopes. my world seems to end at the fences that surround the hostel. sometimes, it feels like a good thing.

i read the newspaper, and it feels like a book i pulled out from the fiction section in the library.

i read about barrack obama, thinking he could not be real. i read about the kuala terengganu by-election, thinking it was ancient history. i read about the double engine failure airbus ditching in the river, thinking it happened decades ago. i read about the gaza strip, thinking it was just a tale.

honestly speaking, this is how i feel. i am absolutely oblivious. you think i'm outdated? i don't pay attention to the world happenings?

maybe. but in a way, its also nicer. i am blocked from all the cruelty, fascinations, and hipocrisy. its a lil safe spot i found, which maybe you'd wish you had found one too.

randomness flashback. when i was in form1, my arts teacher asked me to draw a star on a hard board. he wanted to show a style of painting or textile or something i can't remember.
being the perfectionist that i sometimes am, i hated the fact i couldn't draw a perfectly even five point star. i drew, i erased, then i drew again.
then i erased again. the cycle was never-ending.
then i had the bright idea of drawing a 6 point star. i started with a triangle. then i drew an equally sized triangle over it, but opposite in direction.
i had no idea what i was drawing back then. and i certainly had no idea of the israeli flag. it just was an easy yet perfect way to draw a star. albeit a 6 point star, but a star nonetheless!
let me tell ya, mr artsy wasn't too pleased with the star. i got quite a earful for it :P


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Dilah said...

hey, perfectionist too huh? we can be buddies! XD

sharman said...

ahhh sometimes, not always! but yea... still one