Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"I Just Don't Love You No More"

She likes me for me
Not because I sing like Pavarotti
Or because I am such a hottie
I like her for her
Not because she's phat like Cindy Crawford
She has got so much to offer
Why does she waste all her time with me
There must be something there that I don't see

-Blessed Union Of Souls "Hey Leonardo"-

The 3 lane road was cramped, due to the traffic light ahead.

Today I wasn't a selfish ass. I took the bus. I did not hog the already congested roads of JB.

I stood while clinging onto the steel bars. All the seats had been taken, but it did not matter. The journey, wasn't too long. Besides, I had already squashed my bums long enough at work.

Clinging I said, because just a few minutes before, the emergency brakes had been hit. Damned motorcyclist suddenly cut into our lane and forced all inhibitants of the bus to be shocked off our feet!

Anyways the bus stood station, and I soon noticed everyone's head swerve to the right. I followed the suit.

A lady dressed in white, caught all our attention. Not because of her skimpy clothes, or even her bare tatooes. Nor was it because of her 'looks'.

It was because of where she was. Walking in the center of the road. The barely walkable divider.

Where NO ONE walks. The divider is JUST a divider. Not a pathway.

I had no idea where she actually came from, but she sure did grab a lot of attention. Unwanted attention. Maybe her car had broken down. Maybe she was gonna buy petrol. The petrol station was just slighty ahead.

But her stuffed expression did show otherwise. Never had I seen a person so pissed because of a stalled car.

Suddenly, she turns around and retracts her footsteps towards a white Honda. Maybe she forgot her keys? Or money? The car had tinted windows, it was hard to see.

But she did go to the driver's window. That I saw.

For quite some time she was at the window, before she continues walking back the way she originally was heading. This time, with her handphone and purse in each hand, but also much more pissed. Her face furious. She continues walking till she's ahead of the bus.

The light turns green, and the bus makes its way ahead of her. I noticed now, her face was no longer filled with fury.

She wasn't frowning, or clentching her teeth in anger.

Instead, her eyes were streaming with tears, her lips shaking with doubt. She grabbed even more attention now, no matter how hard she wiped her tears away, no matter how fast she walked, no matter how she tried to turn away.

And the white car just zoomed pass her. She could care less to notice it go by.

I found it was just too cruel to break-up on a road. If indeed it was a break-up that is.

No matter how horrible a person may be, but to let them just literally walk back home? In the middle of a congested road? Eyes everywhere?

That's just plain cruel.

And on Valentine's?

Indeed a wonderful surprise


Caroline said...

Poor wonder what she'd say if she saw this here! So teruk...if that was indeed a break-up, the guy must be such a JERK! did u celebrate Valentines? Sorry about the Stagnant Blog...=P

sharman said...

i know, damn teruk la the guy...

hmmm she probably wouldnt like me much if she saw this post hehehehe...

i spent V's day working. so nice huh? hahahahaa....u???

and btw, you're not forgiven :P

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine was dumped on valentine's, in front of the whole class. n her classmates actually CHEERED N CLAPPED. -_-

sharman said...

cheered and clapped for her breakup?

not really friends tho is it?

me said...

yup. cheered, clapped, n congratulated the guy.

Caroline said...

Sob evil...lolz....=P

sharman said...

was she evil?

Anonymous said...

shes okay la.. selama i kenal her, tak evil pun..

sharman said...

den her friends must be evil...

so cruel...

Caroline said...

i jz thot it was evil to laugh at someone who had jz broken up! neighbours have a huge stock of fireworks that just might be enough to blow up Malaysia...sigh...

sharman said...

sometimes fireworks are nice, but too much makes it annoying...

but seems like u just never liked fireworks tho...