Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All The Way, Underwear!

I walked around CS today after work, and into The Underwear Shop I went. I find it amusing, the name of the shop. Straightforward.

Very direct.

Very original too :P

I walked into THE UNDERWEAR SHOP and looked through the shelves. Pop comes the guy sales assistant. I know its their job, but sometimes I just prefer to walk around myself. He went:

"This is made of cotton. Very nice. Comfortable."

"This one like codroil (did I spell that correctly?) material. Very comfortable."

"This one semi-something very smooth. Very nice to use."

"This is limited edition. ONLY during Chinese New Year can get. See the material very good one. The band also, gripping one. Got 10% discount."

"How bout boxers? Here got this one."

"See the rack, all the different types there."

Wow. I got introduced to the Underwear Family!

But is it usual for anyone else to have company when buying underwear? I'm sure I can open the box and feel the cloth myself. And all the sizes are there on the shelf. Don't think I need help streching my hand or opening my eyes wider.

Needless to say, I didn't get any. I wasn't planning to buy anyways, but since I said "no" to all his suggestions, think it wouldn't be nice to go back on my word to him.

Or maybe just the ego. Since I already turned him down XP

I'm so cruel to sales assistants. It IS their job.

But I'd like some privacy too sometimes :D


Hahahahaha... I bought a new Quicksilver sweater and a pair of DC shoes.

I have never been a DC fan, and I actually wanted to get Nike sneakers. But safe to say, I could buy myself FOUR (4) pairs of DC shoes before I could afford ONE (1!) pair of Nike's. So DC shoes it is. Simple, but nice.

Oh! And I had my eye on a sweater in Reject Shop. There were like five of it on the rack. Saw it last week, but since $$$ wasn't out, I couldn't buy em'.

Today I went to Reject Shop and NO MORE! DAMN!

Could have save some cash. And it was nice.

Oh well, at least I got Quicksilver! ;D


AdrenaLynn said...

My Dear Sharman, It's Corduroy lah!! What in the world is a codroil!!! Anyways...corduroy is damn nice material but ..underwear?? weird to me!!

Eh shopping ehhhh!! I also wanan go shoppingggggg...yeayyyy!!!

Caroline said...

uhh...that was interesting...haha...didn't know u were THAT 'cruel'...=P...

sharman said...

adrenalynn: yea i knew wat it was, but jus NEVER knew how to spell it hhahaha...so thx for the info! hehehehe

yea i went shopping a bit hehehe :P

go shopping la...take it as an exercise lol

carol: HEY! so long no see u on the blogosphere! btw, am just a teeny bit cruel la...but its nice to just browse to get the best items at best offers wat...these assistants nanti make u feel like MUST BUY...

Anonymous said...

codroil HAHAHAHAHA!! makes me think of COILS instead!

sharman said...

hehehe u spelt it salah also...hehehe

COILS? why coils suddenly la???

wont it be painful? and uncomfortable? *raises eyebrow*

Anonymous said...

i meant the spellin macam COIL la!
*thinks* ...........springy? bouncy?

sharman said...

which ever pun, coil would be awfully painful hahaha