Tuesday, October 24, 2006

These Moments

" Sneakin' round creepin' and love on the low,
But babygurl I can't wait till it's officially us,
I can't wait to let them know about us. "

Avant & Nicole- Lie About Us

The only tradition I hold in every festival, especially Deepavali, is eating. Non-stop binge eating. But it sucked this year. Friends were great, but I just wasn't into it. It sucked. Nothing's the same. Don't think it'll ever be the same.

Taking a swerve off and switching directions. Lets allow me to blog something similar to the lyrics above.

Sometimes I wonder, why the discreetion towards the family? Sometimes I wonder, why not make it known?

Many reasons I could figure and fish to shut them curiosity in this swamp of mine. THOSE I shan't elaborate here. Coz I'm sure many of you MIGHT have experienced it too.

But truthfully speaking, the keeping the secret is rather appealing. To me. Sometimes. Not always.

There is a constant fear of being found out. Of getting a ear full, or worse. Directly from the elders, or indirectly by some nosey attachments of the family tree, or just nosey parkers. Its doesn't sound attractive, but there's just something appealing about it.

Its like living in a world of another. Playing a game of hide & seek. Running, scouting, avoiding. At times, wondering if we could possibly be stuck in the same building as the predators. Well I just wonder, never hope for it! And of course I imagine, what would happen, and how will they react? I don't suppose they will say HI with a smile on their face...that's not possible...its a parent thing I guess...

So I guess this little game of lying low adds just a lil extra bit of excitement. I'm not sure how'd things be like otherwise, but when the time comes, I'm sure I won't regret it. THIS just restrains our freedom for now... :D

I'm neither lovin' nor hatin' the situation, but its alright. It has its advantages. And seriously, the twisted excitement guarantees a rush. Especially when you think about the consequences, which is making me sound sick. Lets cross our fingers and hope desperately it just doesn't turn ugly? THANKS!

my new motto: AM GENEROUSLY CRUEL.


;) said...

appealing ??? hahahaha

sharman said...

SOMETHING lidat la...just the thought of it sometimes...not always...crazy ma i!

;) said...

n wats wt d motto? *lafsssss*

AdrenaLynn said...

It's the adrenaline rush the excitement. Like..like..umm.. having sex outdoors..hahah!

sharman said...

;): simply larrr...tat day nigel wanted to 'curi' makan n i didnt wanna share..so I'M GENEROUSLY CRUEL ;D

adrenalynn: dunno bout the sex thing la...but i think i can agree since the person who said is pretty experienced n trusted! hehehe

Cheryl said...

determine of what you think is right!

sharman said...


wadya mean cheryl?