Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I hate chain mails. And I HATE forwarded mails that say whatever service you are using will be closed down if you don't forward it!

SERIOUSLY, ITS ANNOYING! Gosh, it doesnt make sense and its all just the figment of a really BORED person's imagination to start it all off!

SERIOUSLY, how would hotmail/yahoo/friendster know you forwarded that stupid message? Got some kind of online detector? Its kinda funny how the founder/director of hotmail/yahoo/friendster has so much free time to start such a stupid message! Shouldn't he/she be happy that MANY people are using the service?

AND I REALLY REALLY REALLY honestly can't stand chain letters! First of all, I don't believe in it! Like that freaky guy can be all over the world at the same time to murder you? And yea, whoever that forwards it to me, thanks for CURSING me to do bad and horrible and terrible and atrocious in my life! Some really great friend you are...

And recently, the sms has been hit by the stupid chain disease. *rolls eye* much money to waste ar? Next time, I'd appreciate it EVEN MORE if you just gave me that 15 cents then forwarding it. At least can buy ONE sweet!

Once, a lion squashed a turtle's egg. When the turtle realized what happened, he got VERY angry. Then he saw a tiger.

So the turtle entered his shell and rolled down the hill and knocked into the tiger! Then he scolded the tiger,

"Don't think you cut your hair I don't recognize you!"

Later on, the tiger saw a monitor lizard. So he ran smacked the lizard with his paw and scolded,

"Don't think you come out of your shell I won't recognice you!"

After that, the monitor lizard saw a cat and he headed towards it. Then, he scratched the cat and scolded,

"Don't think I won't recognize you just because you try to act cute!"

The angry cat later saw an earthworm and rushed over to it. Then he scolded the earthworm,

"Children must pay for their parents wrong deeds!"

PIAKKKKK...the worm was squashed...


cheryl said...

WAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA LOL (manners; we are suppose to laugh at ppl's joke although is damn lame)

I hate chain letters too. I never read it, straight away delete. Bored to hell. Thats why, i often accidentally delete important mails too~ :(

I was thinking, maybe those letters are for the people out there who never receive mail from people, making their inbox too empty. So they create things like that to make electronic mail more useful. At least people dont keep on checking but found empty inbox.

sharman said...

i warned u it was gonna be lame already... XP XP XP ...thx for lafing anywayz!

HEY i understand u!!! i also sumtimes terdelete important emails!!! hahahaha...stupid chain letters la, go n confuse ppl...

u know what? your 'thought' sounds reasonable la...maybe tat IS the reason y its created...hmmmm *thinks abt it*

cheryl said...

of coz laa~ know who am i? CHeryl lerrr...mai siao siao ler...


sharman said...

elehhh...berlagak XP