Monday, October 02, 2006

Green Me...Lets All Be Green!

*sings* I Bet You Think This Post Is About You, don't you? DON'T YOU?

The taman before mine. Some idiot cut all the trees! Or should I say FELLED the trees! (hehehe).

I mean it was just a land with trees. Now, NOTHING! Everything gone. No more trees! Looks so bright now. Not so peaceful looking ready.

Well, although I don't do anything to help conserve the environment, but neither do I destroy it. So let me just rant.

Anywayz, Kok says that land, hospitals used to dump dead bodies that nobody claimed, and wonders who wants to stay in such a place. But I just feel sorry coz the trees gone! So un-cooling. So pitiful. TREES HAVE FEELINGS TOO! (pls read Sound Machine by Roald Dahl lol!)
I just saw the trailer to "You Me & Dupree". Well, I laugh to myself when I think about the title.

Ok, did anyone catch "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"? The part the girl names her bf's manhood Princess "sumtin"? Then he names it Krull The Warrior! Or something like that...DO YOU REMEMBER?

Well, "You Me & Dupree". Sounds like she names his manhood Dupree tak de connection...but that's just what I think! :P :P :P

Classroom Hoots Of Unstudied Moments

Big Head was asking Lemon if she would leave her bf for someone better. Lemon replied NO, and just to justify her answer, Lemon asked me the same question.


...coz I'll never find anyone better...its impossible... ;D


starrr said...

someone's in love.
how adorable.

sharman said...

hahahahha XP

... said...


u is darlingggg...

sharman said...

;D ;D ;D

u is not darlinggg???

shanz! said...


ur darling-er!

sharman said...

hahahhhahahaa tats for me to judge! XP