Sunday, November 02, 2014

Until The End Of Time

I realize that we don't grow up. There is just no end to this process called "growing up". It is a forever going cycle, that doesn't meet an end. Unless, you die of course, but still, that doesn't mean you've grown up.

You see legally, there is an age when you are considered an adult to vote, to marry, to have sex (and I'm not saying you should just because you can). You're put under this shelter of an "education" or family system where decisions are kind of made for you, instead of by you. Try as we may to differ, but we don't get the luxury to choose what we want, in the name of protection, love, "for your own well being" or whatever you may call it. Then you reach a certain age and you're suddenly allowed to make worldly decisions even though you've hardly proven you're any good at choosing a caption for that picture you want to post, or that filter you chose, does it really make you flawless?

As I roamed my elder brother's apartment the other day, I came across these little cute outfits of a little person hung to dry. A year ago, I'd be seeing sports gear and jerseys. This was a radical change. A year ago, we'd be discussing where to countdown for new year. This year, we're talking about if an accomodation has a refrigerator for milk storage.

You see, there is no point where we magically grow up. We are continuously growing up. There is always room for improvement because we are humans. We are not perfect. We are flawed, and as much as we may want to look the person beside with a hint of distate, we must never forget that he may be better at something we know zilch about! We go through phases of childhood, puberty, being teenagers, and then reach this stage called adulthood. Most tend to think it ends there. Like you made it pass the tour de france or something, and that gives you the right to be above others. But it's not that simple.

Just because you are a certain age of "maturity" (with lots of questions marks here) that does not give you the right to think too highly of yourself, to belittle, to not think before you speak, to think that God actually spent more time on you because it clearly doesn't reflect that. Everyone has room for improvement. You, at one time, did not know how to do your job effortlessly. You, at one time, did not know how to parent/cook/teach/public speak/drive/house manage/etc etc as you would now.


Apparently this is a journey. So, if this is yours, and YOU have reached your destination, why are you still here?


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