Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Like A Toy Airplane

The other day IvanTheTerrible and NigelBuscuitBoy were playing badminton in the porch when they spotted a red jet aircraft flying past. Excitedly (expectedly) they ran in the house screaming and shouting.


"Uncle Sharman your aeroplane flying! Come and see! Come! Quick quick!"


Oh boys, if only it were indeed my own aeroplane. I could afford a lot of other things too ;)

Anyhow, it's much better than my fate in the eyes of their younger brother. JoelGotGroove always takes his toys to the bathtub. Unlike sesame street, it's not yellow rubber duckies, instead cars, robots, or a toy aeroplane.

One fateful day during his bath he flew his aeroplane around pretending I was the pilot in the said plane. Suddenly the plane took a dive and he exclaimed, "oh no Uncle Sharman! Aeroplane falling down. Oh no!"

Then he crashed the plane.


With full dolby surround sound effects.

So much love.


One of my current addictives right now. I thought the video was really funny, do watch and enjoy!

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