Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dear Dan Dan


Sudden weight upon my back. Sticky fingers round my eyes. Cheerio breath in my face.

'Da-Daaah! Guess Who?'

You never had to guess with Daniel. Perched on the stairs above the landing. Same ambush every time.

I might step aside, let him crash into the wall. Or play along if I felt kind. Fight back more often, floor him. Times I really did forget. Not many.

'Da-Daaah! Guess What?'

'Did you see the hillycopters? Can you guess where I was hiding?'

Oh, Dan. I wish.

- "Hide & Seek" -



Anonymous said...

Penang char koay teow ;)

sharman said...

yummm... sounds like a plan for next week!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Are you coming to Penang or are you in Penang?

sharman said...

I'll be there. Why?

Anonymous said...

Please check your Hotmail, ok?

Penang char koay teow