Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Simple Life

i watched this film yesterday, and it pulled a lot of hidden strings in me. there were so many parts which i felt relatable. scenes where it almost felt like i was watching me from the outside looking in.

the drama starts slow. it almost felt dry, and i almost was wondering what i had gotten myself into. almost, because the movie picks up soon enough. i was really amused with how humour had left me laughing in stitches despite the inevitable sad note the movie is set in. the beauty in all of it is the conversations i think.

about two weeks back, i had the honour of driving one of my friend's nanny. while we drove, we spoke of many things like my friend's childhood, what she was like as a kid, how she's changed etc etc. like her, i also had a nanny that practically lived with us. like her, the nanny was with the family even longer than i had been.

see for those of us privileged to have another mother figure in the form of Tao Jie, it's hard to grasp and explain our relationship and dynamics of the whole family. sure she was paid, but never would we treat her like she was paid. she was indeed family. closest Roger could call himself was her godson, but i'm sure in truth, even godson is an understatement.

i grew up a certain amount of years, not realizing my nanny back then, wasn't blood related. she was there in family pictures before me. she was there when i was born, changing my napkins, feeding me food, buying me toys, she was there every step of the way. it's hard to explain if you have not been in the same situation because back then, our nannies were family.

it didn't help that i called her grandmother. or the fact i had never met my real grandmother. for many years, she was my actual grandmother in my mind till i eventually made out the whole scenario and why she had her own family.

when you realize this lady who's been taking care of you all your life like your own flesh and blood, i do wonder how she did it all. i do wonder, was it wrong for me to want her when she had her own family. was it fair?

in the movie, you see that wall breaking down between employer and employee. you see it in the conversations, how they tease each other, how they speak and treat each other, how they reminisce. the movie if it doesn't affect you anyhow, i'm sure the least it would do is remind you to appreciate life, for that is all we have. to be nicer. to be kinder. to give back.

watch this movie. it left me in tears, for laughter and otherwise.

" warm your hearts,

before the end of the world. "


hummingbird said...

She really was my everything while I was growing up. I can never repay her for the years she spent nurturing all of us.

And I was a good kid ok?!

sharman said...

i know what you mean! i feel the same. i don't know where i would be if not for her.

errrr yeaaaa. ok. not what i heard. okthxbye!