Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Water Breathing Dragon

It's a new year! Hope everyone's having a splashing new year. This blog needs a splash of life too. Have been far too busy letting life get me by lately.

Things get a little frustrating sometimes. Everything moves so fast, it's the end of a year, and beginning of another. All I can remember was getting out of bed at ungodly hours. Was that really all?

There was a time I remember lying in a foreign bed far away and isolated with unfamiliar faces, wishing my biggest wish.

That I'd be exactly where I am, here, now, today. At that time, I'd give anything to be here. For at that time, this life was the perfect one. The greenest pastures on the other side.

But when you're finally where you wished to be, then what? What comes next? I guess it's normal to feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Stop. Breathe. Time to remember to be grateful to the loving family, the great friends who have come and stayed on, the good memories, laughs and tears.

If this isn't enough, or just wasn't good, how would I have it? I've been reading a little more than usual lately. I keep forgetting life can be worse. And if I had it like that, how would I cope?

I can't imagine.

So time to brush the weightless off my shoulders, and be thankful for all that's here now. Family, friends, opportunities, and a working mind, body, soul.

Happy New Year everyone!


TKDaddict said...

3 months gap in blogging...someones been busy with something else ;)

sharman said...

busy with work. and technology isn't helping in the lazy department :P