Thursday, August 18, 2011

Need A Clearance

" you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow.

you could be here,

you could be somewhere else,

you could be gone.

so just get it.

if you like something,

get it.

don't think so much.

don't think about the money.

money will come and go. "

great advice from the aunty, if she only knew about the credit card statements that come with the things i like. not so great. nevertheless, words i can and will live by.

not that i haven't *gleams*

anyways, the other day i got a call from the credit card company. how excited i was initially. seeing how loyal and such a good customer i was, i thought they called to say i won a car or an all expense paid trip to ibiza or some plain cold hard cash. nope. nehi. they had some saving plans they wanted me to sign up, and it's so awesome, they can just start charging it to my card that i'll be saving without doing anything. can you sense my excitement that i did not use an exclamation mark at the end of my last sentence?

i don't need another savings plan, but i would be eternally grateful if you could just clear my outstanding statement like it never was there?

THEN maybe you could start charging me for your (insipid) savings plan. doesn't help that your "marketing strategy" was to curse me, saying in a decade i'm gonna be in financial ruins filled with debts.

smart ass.

*sings* stop calling. stop calling i don't wanna talk anymore *runs away*


Hannah Haykhall said...

maybe you kena nyanyi lagu lady gaga tu baru diaorang akan stop bothering you..
so funny laa..

sharman said...

hana: maybe i should. but then, nanti hujan lebat. tak mauuuuu hehe