Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharp Knife Of A Short Life

i'm a little addicted to this song lately. i know its quite old already, but there's something very catchy about it. the whole concept of the song, morbid yet uplifting? i don't know what it is exactly. it reminds me a little bit of eminem's stan. love the song, yet it's daunting if you wonder how someone could even think about it in the first place.

it feels so real. the emotions, the message, and horrifyingly the lightness of it all.

i especially like these lines:

" there's a boy here in town who says he'll love me forever,
who would have thought forever could be severed by
the sharp knife of a short life "

it's either from a real life experience, or the writer's morbid. maybe explains why i loved watching the addams family, perhaps?


akuputeh said...

I read obituaries everyday. Morbid? It's my fav pastime.

sharman said...

sometimes i do too. looking for familiar faces. then snigger when i read 'passed away peacefully'. how would they know?

akuputeh said...

AIYER! At least I dun snigger la. Passed away peacefully usually in their sleep la. Not like an accident killed them or they were murdered. Tsk tsk!

sharman said...

well even in their sleep, nobody would actually know if it was peaceful. somehow, i doubt passing in your sleep is as peaceful as they make it out to be.