Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unfair Side Of Being Blood-Bonded

way back in the years before my existence was even contemplated (or even if it ever was but that's not part of the post), two of my elder cousins used to live with my parents as their parents were abroad. my parents took care of em like their own in the absence of my aunt and uncle.

or should i say, even better?

through flashback stories i learnt my mother decided one day to teach my dear cousin to drive. i'm sure they had driving schools back then, but i guess my mom wanted the american experience of teaching their own kids to drive. so off they went into the mini.

with no basic knowledge of driving, my cousin in the driver's seat of course. so the cousin sets the gear into reverse. releases clutch, presses down the accelerator and car reverses perfectly. till she panics when mom says to brake.

she floors the accelerator.

into a drain.

and my mom's reaction? she laughs. she laughs so hard she turns red as how i'd laugh when i find anything associated with cyndi lauper.

fast forward twenty years later, i'm sure mother wouldn't have laughed if i got her car into an accident.

wait. that's not what i wanted to blog. my point is, my mother taught my cousin to drive when the cousin was nowhere near the legal age to drive. ironically, my mother never let me turn the ignition when i was legal AND already taking driving lessons. she'd say wait till you get your licence. so you could figure how astounded i was when i heard this new bit of story.


"you all the real children. so maybe that's why she treat you differently", cousin tries to console me.

hmphhhh *double standards*


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