Sunday, January 23, 2011

All The Way Underwear

at the usual tea time hangout with the cousins and aunty.

aunty: you know your uncle only buys white coloured underwear.

me: what?!

aunty: ya. until now, he only buys white underwear. whether it's byford or crocodile, it must be white.

me: omg. i never buy white underwear.

cousin: uh huh. yours is like orange, and red, and green.

me: hehe yeaaa. striking green.

cousin: yup striking green. and the red also like wow from the other end of the road you see it hanging, you go "hey that's sharman's underwear!"

me: lol. omg uncle will die if he sees my underwear. the more crazy the colour, the more i'd buy it.

cousin: lucky your pants are black. if white pants the stewardess would say, "hey FO hari ni pakai warna hijau" and you would be wtf till you go and pee and realize you're wearing green underwear hahaha

the things we talk about sometimes, priceless.


who ever started the myth,
really just wanted to make you look like a fool
when they said
there's a treasure at the end of the rainbow.

there's no end if it's a circle.
stop living in a dream.


la.leche said...

Weh famous la your Uncle if he knew you posted this! Jajajajaja!

sharman said...

let's just say i have quite a number of uncles hahahaha.