Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bread, Butter And A Cup Of Tea

That's my dinner. I'm so hungry, I've got no appetite. I'm feeling under the weather radar.

Oh yes I'm in my sick mood. And as usual, I become extraordinarily hungry when I'm sick but since there's no one to cook for me hence this will make do but I don't mind, eat your dinner like a pauper they say!

I'm am more annoyed by the fact that my biggest dream now is to sneeze so hard and fulfilling that I'd be so satisfied till this itch of wanting to sneeze will be gone forever.

Maybe I should remove my tonsils. It started with that. Does insurance cover that???

Well positive thoughts, at least my nose didn't leak through the sim session. Jen, I only took one pill, because said pill makes me quite zoned out. Thank you all happy people for your wishes!

Seriously, I need to sneeze more satisfyingly till it doesn't itch anymore, till my stomach giggles so hard from the after effect. This life feels so incomplete without that sneeze.

On the random-est note, one way to confirm to get lost finding your way, is to have the wrong address. My 2cents worth. Good night y'all!

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la.leche said...

Hey, get well soon! :)

sharman said...

thank u... im being drugged out now :)

TKDaddict said...

gosh so luck u got appetite when ur sick...im having a terrible appetite now that im sick

sharman said...

well... i wanna lose weight. this doesnt help. hahahahaha

hummingbird said...

Hey, sneezing and wheezing and coughing can help you attain that 6 pack of abs ok!
I should know, I have been sick for three weeks!

Only one pill and you're zoned out? How to be hip and happening early twenties boy about town like that?

Patutla you don't mind hanging around old foggies like me!:D

sharman said...

hahahaha so lenglui got the sixpack edi? can see can see????

ya laaaaaaa... i need some wisedom, so must hangout wt wise ppl :D