Monday, March 22, 2010


apparently "clever males attract more partners".

not in the human world of course, but in the satin bowerbird kingdom. humans we are, animals and animalistic, but we just fail to adopt such animal traits unfortunately.

on a totally different note, pilots are one of the 10 most trusted professions in our asian region.

seriously. if you don't believe me on any of these two statements, then go pick up the march issue of reader's digest (that has datuk michelle yeoh's pic on the cover) and read it for yourself. in black and white yo!

as a conclusion, ladies, i think it's about time you started trusting me.



Julia Syalina said...

really ha?
dun worry sharman~
i've been trusting u since a very long time ago.

la.leche said...

Jajajaja! Sharman Sharman, so what's the back story of this whole trust issue post?

sharman said...

julia: awwwwwww i'm so honoured! belum jumpa also u trust me edi :D

la leche: that i'm trust-able.

and i'm still single hahahaha.

la.leche said...

Enjoy single life while you can! and stay trustable as well :)

hummingbird said...

Me thinks lawyers never made it to the list.

And also, once you're already in the aircraft, you have no choice BUT to trust your pilot. I believe this survey by RD is flawed. TOTALLY FLAWED! ;D

f ker??? said...

single is like wayyyyyy morreeeee BETTERRRRR~!!!!!!

sharman said...

lenglui: well RD didn't include the whole list of most trusted profession, but lawyers weren't in the top ten. maybe they were no 11???

and BTW, we do not force u to purchase a ticket and get yr ass in that seat in that metal tube. you have a choice of not getting on that aircraft, and a choice of not trusting us. but yet, you choose to purchase a ticket coz you KNOW you trust the pilot. tadaaaaa! RD is not flawed! hahahaha... gila poyooo wanna argue wt a lawyer. better run away before you crush me with yr words. kthanksbye!

f ker: AGREED! tapi still someone got dinner date XP