Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Travesty Of Its Own

there comes a time, when you have to let go. you can't interfere, it is just not your business. no one can point a finger, and play the blame game, it is too late.

there comes a time, when all you can do is sit and watch for what's coming next.

i know i've said everything in life is a choice, but there are restrictions. we aren't always compelled to deal, certainly when things are way beyond our reach. we're humans, we're not superhumans. we can hold grudges, but we can't hold onto responsibilities that are too far-fetched.

the distant reality that many fail to grasp, we can't decide, we can't mould, we can't make choices or even choose how tomorrow will begin or end if an observer is what we're elected for. tomorrow is always an unknown.

we do what we can. at the end, we may rejoice in success, or maybe not. and when the latter occurs, we wonder "what went wrong?". what could have been, what could have been done. too late, maybe something's were just meant to be, as how it were out of reach from the very beginning. self-depreciating thoughts occur. nothing can be done to undo, we can only look ahead. to deal with the future.

maybe we'll sit and pray, everyone goes through some sort of rough patch of their own. for others, few empty bottles. anything, and everything is an option.

and hopefully, we'll get through it.

then continue the script.


"ku katakan dengan indah,
dengan terluka hatiku hampa,
sepertinya luka menghampirinya.

kau beri rasa yang berbeda,
mungkin ku salah mengartikannya,
yang kurasa cinta."

-'ku katakan dengan indah' by peterpan-


the writers said...

ohmyy, emo nya ='(
nice song anyway, my fav

- Q

sharman said...

:/ sometimes life isn't pleasant.

my fav too. got addicted to them because of this particular song. sadly their songs after weren't that good, in my opinion. heard they also disbanded :(

the writers said...

too bad :/
this is the only song that i like

hey who's birthday on 4th of dec anw?
you didn't allow comments :P

- Q

sharman said...

hehehe sedap kan? my friends dulu semua don't agree with me hahaha...

we all have our own secrets, right? ;)