Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Make, Some Break

relationships can progress and digress, take a new dimension altogether. that is what i've learn quite recently. its hard to say where one can go at this point of time, but its fulfilling to know in future that some things have gone right.

relationships are complex. some seem eternally trusting, till a particular decision can change it into a rocky boat ride. some, a case of dog and cat, turning into a formidable force together. some surviving even through ugly stints.

i feel, relationships, like everything else in life, are fragile. how the future can sway either way. how it can just evaporate into thin air without knowing. how plainly unexpected it can seem.

this is just my thoughts on friendship, nothing more. don't be confused.

i must say, it's the friendships that i never thought much about, that somehow manages to change my life, and become an important factor, that i will always appreciate. a true blessing, a gift i never saw coming.

some of us, are actually humans too ;)


Julia Syalina said...

so true.

Tharish said...

I think it works both ways. Some dissipate, while others solidify.

That's just life, cuz us humans, we're just too complicated.

яuth said...

This is my storybook life

sharman said...

jules: :)

tharish: very unpredictable and unexpected. we're one mess of complication @.@

ruth: *sings to MJ* "i'll be thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"... you have MEEEE!

яuth said...

HAHAHAHAHA You better or I'll bite

sharman said...

luckily i got my tetanus shots :P