Friday, April 17, 2009

After Dark

yesterday while i was cutting my nails, i remembered being given one of the most random senseless advices in my life. it was back in form 1, one of my classmates comes up to me, really out of the blue and says,

"don't share nail clippers. very harmful. a lot of bacteria and germs. your nails can rot and drop off if you share nail clippers".

righttt. how do you react to such helpful advice? with a "oooo-really?-yesss ah" expression of course. but its much harder to do, cause the "wth"-look would be painted really deep into your face to change it.

and as random as that advice was, i have just realized this post is also very random. it's ok, got a picture. (no words to say, so maybe picture will help :P)

flying at night was always more scenic for me. love the sight of taking off from klia (as a passenger of course), then seeing the highway lights and the whole kl city lighted up. ignore the light pollution and all. its much nicer to see, for me at least.
finally started night flying properly, and realized kb looks wayyy better at night than during the day. that's the heart of kb up there. it actually looks like a town at night. another 3hours of night flying to go! let's see how everything goes...
i guess it's not the way you always planned it.
looks like you're heading for a crash landing.
that's just the way it looks from where i'm standing.
-Schuyler Fisk's "from where i'm standing"-
(its just a song. i have absolutely no intention of the second line. its just a nice song)


Dilah said...

NICE! more nightly flying pictures, s'il te plait? =))

F said...


Moja Amin™ said...

Maan! another aviator's blog! cool man!
Bdw, congrats for being one! keep up the good job!


sharman said...

dilah: say what???!!! i need a friggin translator laaa

f: u missing illusion ah? tiba2 out of the blue..

moja: hahah thx for dropping by... not really aviator la, only a tiny spot in the aviation industry :) looonggg way to go!