Sunday, April 05, 2009

Snake In Piece

i'm sure you guys have heard of the movie "snakes on a plane".

today, i saw a friggin dead snake on the runway. i was flying with a batchmate, he was the pilot in command, and i was his co-pilot. and the airplane i fly, only has a door on my seat. so my captain says as we taxied onto the runway:

"kb tower, this is APAC X, we have visual with the FOD(foreign object damage) on runway. its a...DEAD SNAKE".

tower replies: "copied. can you please remove it?"

me frantic, but captain replies: "affirmative. will remove it".

of course he can't leave the aircraft cause he is pilot in command. and turns to me. a friggin snake. where the hell am i gonna throw it?! with my bare hands? do i look like an undertaker? or even remotely like tarzan?

somehow i embraced myself, opened the door and rushed out. the carcass (which i wasn't sure was alive or dead yet), was dead center of the runway. probably got run over by a boeing or airbus, or maybe even more sadder by a pathetic diamond-40 or piper-warrior while it tried to slither its way across to greener grass. well they did say, the grass is greener on the other side, but nobody talked about the journey to the other side now did they? unfortunately it never made its destination. instead it lay upside down, kena lanyak.

as i got off the runway, it felt kinda cool standing there. the runway is a very restricted area, don't think many have touched foot there before, and its pretty huge (though i should know this by now). but the snake still freaked me out. what if it was just playing dead? and suddenly goes "BOOOH!" as i picked its tail up? you know, a snake with humour perhaps? it doesn't help that i ain't much of a reptile person either.

i quickly took it up by the tail and swirled it across the side of the runway like a discus throw hoping it was the side of the runway it wanted to go in the first place. last wishes kinda thing so it may rest in peace? i've a real kind soul, i know.

i just regret not taking a picture on the runway. don't think i'll get an opportunity like this again. oh well, its an experience nonetheless!


TKDaddict said...

yuuuucks! what type of snake was it?

Dazed Bushbeater said...

shit i hate you! i always wanted to step on the runway!

y. 源 said... nice can do mutual with batchmates...... :)
dead birds on runway, I've heard many..but a dead snake on the runway...hmmm..first time today!

sharman said...

tkd: hahaha im not a snake person la... dunno wat snake... i just know it wasnt an adult one :P

dazed: i know, i know. but c'mon u cant hate someone as nice as me for long! you so jealous kan?? bawahahaha

y: hehehe im sure u miss those mutual days... sim in MAS la... be patient!

first for me as well! oh well... at least u heard it first frm me :D

maizanmustaffa said...

hi fazri's friend who touched the dead snake.

Dilah said...

Gosh that's super GROSS! i think it got a shock looking at your face sharman, bab tu mati hidup balek. hehehehehehehehe....jgn marahh yeeeee XD

sharman said...

maizan: hey HI! hahaha well think of it this way, there are ppl who use snake skin belts, and crocodile skin, and dunno-what fur... so.... but yea its still gross hahaha... ur not much of a snake person either eh?

btw, thx for "following" my blog, but could u please allow me to visit yr blog? not fair rite? :D

dilah: well, if it nampak my face, mati den hidup balek (reads yr comment), then doesnt that mean i have supernatural healing powers? oh yes yes, i know i look good. the snake must hv been brought back alive, thinking i was an angel... i get what u mean :D

maizanmustaffa said...

hahah. but but its clean. and covered with blood. and act smells good. :P erk. well i dont really mind snake. but a dead one.? not so much.

ohh. gimme ur email add.
nanti i add u okey. :)

Dilah said...

haha...sharman u think ur a superman macam dlm series HERO eh? haha

maizanmustaffa said...

eh wait.
i know ur email already.

sharman said...

maizan: well in a way, animals for clothes are dead as well.. so its kinda the same... just cara dia mati tak sama :P ahhh thx fr the add... will visit. again, after the last impromptu one :)

dilah: yes sometimes i like to think so. i am gifted. dont u think so too? dont u feel somewhat more lively when im around? i've got an aura-like thing... its pretty oppresive eh?

maizanmustaffa said...

i was shocked when i read ur 1st comment.
u called me mijan.!!
only me besties knows tht name.
since they invented that stupid name for me. zzz.
i thought u were some creepy stalker.
hahahhha. :P

sharman said...

hahahaha im sure u must've been goin like "who the hell is this?!!" lol... was goin for tat effect anyway... but u never know bout the stalker part! ;)