Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Cannot Fathom

i cannot fathom the depth of shallowness,
if i post you a question on your decision,
that were as big as the gust of a butterfly,
yet be returned an old pair of wings.

is this really just a first class cruise to liverpool?
maybe the outback? the great sevens? or the likes?
the champagne corks, crystal glasses and fine dining,
accompanied, never alone?

maybe you are just another Jack,
albeit one always meant to be lucky,
if only you never jumped into things unknowingly,
then maybe you won't feel the icing sea.

no i cannot fathom the depth of shallowness,
if i post you a question of your decision,
that would change lifetimes and lives,
but be swarmed with the awkward silence of a search.


Sash said...

oh, and atta... beyonce's song, HALO...so niceeeee. u still love her rite?

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

Good blog.

TKDaddict said...

eh did u watch the SNL parody with justin timberlake ah? the put a ring on it one....dammmm hillarious

sharman said...

sash: of corz i love her... and she loves me too! she sings that song for me ME ME!!! hahahaha... listen to leona lewis "run"... tats my song for now... damn awesome i find

abebe: thx for the compliment and thx for dropping by :)

atta:: HAHAHAHAHHA YES I DID!!! "they're my kids"!!! damn funny la... the guys damn gross man wt the tights and heels... the things they do for entertainment, but it was so FUNNY!