Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Awake

its been tiring. had a navigation flight yesterday morning, then briefing later in the evening, then they had a safety talk at night. as soon as the talk finished about 2230hours, i hurried back to my room, removed myself from my uniform and slept till 6am. i ended up straining my eyes to keep awake.

eh wait. 4.30am actually. coz i had to take a dump. that was such a spoiler to my sleep.

then another navigation today to kuala terengganu, which was really nice. visibility and weather was a bitch, but there were definitely more views and sights to see.

situation doesn't help that i've been waking up before 6am the past few days either. and tomorrow is another day to continue my marathon of waking up early, albeit a not so hectic tomorrow.

hopefully i will be enthusiastic to blog about it further tomorrow or anytime soon. coz i need to hit the nap sack now. oh and it was a pleasant surprise, that one of the high ranking instructor remembers me. i don't make myself known here.

on another note that contradicts the above said, the principal gave my face a c-minus grade. well at least that's a pass.

-hopefully to be continued-


TKDaddict said...

he gave ur face a c- ? ?

sharman said...

lol yeaaaaa.... watever that means laaa... at least its not a fucked up face :)