Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aku & Buku

when i was in kl, my friend and i went to a dessert shop. as soon as i sat down, the waitress brought the menu, but held on to it tightly with her dear life. she asked:

"ermmm... nak tanya. you orang apa?"

gave her the truthful answer before she finally placed the menu down on the table. my friend thought the waitress was trying to flirt -.-''

few days later i was in burger king. the cashier there was more straight-forward.

she: are you muslim?

me: no.

she: that will be ten ringgit.

thankyou-ed her and walked off. i think she was more professional?

oh i did go book hunting. i held Switch Bitch in my hands, and so many other Roald Dahl books. but damn were they pricey.

why does money have to be such an arse of a restriction?!

but anyways, i bought Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird instead. been wanting to it read for a long time. it was much cheaper, and more worthied comparing the thickness of the 2 books. no matter, one day i'm gonna own those Roald Dahl books.

started reading it a bit, and it's not bad so far. don't wanna get so hooked on it though, else i won't stop. need to savour the value of the book. as i said money is a friggin arse of a restriction!



Anonymous said...

Muahahahah! puasa time seksa huh.. LOL!!

sharman said...

kinda... not always though... whos this btw?

Dilah said...

now that you mentioned it, you DO look like a malay. patutla si dua minah waitresses tu tanyer. hahaha.

sharman said...

lol baru prasan eh??? btw raya u tak masak2 :(

Anonymous said...

Its me lah, mr.aeroplane :P

sharman said...

hahaha miss aeroplane... leave yr name laaaaa... how am i suppose to know its you... :P