Saturday, May 10, 2008

Michael Jacko

there's a thing about remaking songs. redoing. rereleasing. remixing ol school stuff.

and some times not so old school, like the what-were-they-thinking westlife covers of songs.

some aren't so bad. worth listening. and if given the chance by an uncle, he would say the new generation just has no creativity or originality or even taste in making good songs. thats why they start redoing songs, and mostly don't do justice to em'. he just thinks there's nothing worth listening on the radio anymore.

some would agree. sometimes i would.

the world of music has changed, but the essence remains the same. the good must be cherished. hence the covers.

(and just for the record, were not a wasted music generation. )

now back to covering songs. there seems to be something bout michael jackson's songs playing on the airways, radio airways that is, quite frequently in recent years. albeit, not really him.

there was alient ant farm. which was good. a spunk to the cobwebbed record.

then chris cornell. which IS absolutely awesome. the man is a killer with billie jean. david cook of AI was inspired by him i would say. he nailed billie jean.

only blunt thing is, he didnt write it himself.

then now there's fall out boy screaming out loud with beat it. nothing really fantastic to be shouting about, but its music to the ears still.

though the greener side of it all, no longer have to be a closet michael jackson fan. we're getting his music without the peado status.

done deal i'd say.

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