Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One (new) Word For You

salam namaste to all down south! i know its been awhile. but the net connection has been really awful. and then there's the depletion of thoughts to blog about. sadly. so it'll just be a quick update.

well flew today. apparently my flying is not graceful. of all words in oxford and cambridge, he chooses graceful. it did make my mind wander to ballet. or aishwarya rai. hahahaha... what he actually meant was my control was jerky, and the antonym for that would probably be spelt g-r-a-c-e.

though when i first heard him say it, i thought of meredith grey.

"pardon sir?" o.O

"you're not GRACEFUL!".


gonna be fully grounded soon for the upcoming (but not so near UK based papers). next week will be the next time i fly, that's if i even DO get to fly, else i'll have to wait 3 whole months.

few weeks back i saw ocm again. its like a friggin ocm chronology la...

this time i avoided him. but my friend got caught by him, but he escaped saying he was just visiting me who's a usm student. this ocm really needs some kinda medical assisstance i think.

last week we went to an indian restaurant, and the order-person asked me where i was studying. and i said usm again lol... but didn't say which campus :P

do take note only the medical faculty is in this ulu-ness :D

then he asked me "kenal kakak tu tak? dia kerja sana pun".

the 'kakak' was the owner of the shop. then the order-person asked the 'kakak' pulak ahahahaha...but the blurness and un-acquaintance was mutual so i didn't get stuck in any more shyt :D

ok no idea when there'll be a next update. hopefully soon.

anywayz, a newly formed medical termed from the ulu-ness:




TKDaddict said...

not graceful huh? hmmmmm better practice more man, if not how to give us all free how was the experience flying (isn't that something to blog about ah??? aduuuui)...
rofl...this ocm guy is really funny....

Anonymous said...

ya la need DAMN alot of practice...only flew 9hours so far...long way to go... but never has anyone else been commented abt bein graceful in their flying exercies -.-''

flyin experience....hmmmm...will think abt it hahahaha...

ocm is disturbing la...u shud b a him


TKDaddict said...

noooo...i dont wanna be a dickologist..WTF...

sharman said...

so kesian this ocm den... he'll die and leave this world an unsatisfied man....CAN YOU LIVE WT TAT?

to be able to do something abt it, but just choose to ignore! to be able to give a person happiness is what matters in this world, yet u turn yr head the other way. CAN YOU LIVE WT TAT? to b selfish, ignorant, unhelpful... haizzzzz