Sunday, October 15, 2006


THIS IS BRANDON LEE... (for those who don't know)

  • Born February 1, 1965
  • Died March 31, 1993
  • Martial artist and actor.
  • Son of Bruce Lee.
  • Accidentally killed on the set of a movie by a faulty prop revolver. (I think someone plotted the murder la...)

" Hope. It can't rain all the time. " - Brandon Lee.


Quick Laugh

Darv: ..1510A

ME: 1-5-1-0-8?

Darv: Oi 1510 AAA laaa...

Sis: 1510A..."A" as in the alphabet "A". "A" for elephant!

" Never a penamakz, but always a sharer be. " - Sharman.


not-a-penamak said...


*tarik nafas*



*faints due to the lack of oxygen*

sharman said...

do u need the kiss of life?

hehehehehehe XP XP XP

AdrenaLynn said...

Hahah..That still gets me laughing my ass off!!

but it was 1051.. not 1510 :p

Eh why got brandon lee? Like so takder makner like that..haha

sharman said...

hehehe watever la...the point was the A for elephant! hahahaha

brandon lee, coz someone tak pernah tahu kewujudan dia...

sash said...

u a bit weird... aihhh

sharman said...

im related to u...

plus...spending those years up in the tree...well that was reasons to get me more weirder..